Saturday, January 13, 2018

What was that phrase from the Godfather......

Just when i  thought i  was out they pulled me back in......?   My last post saying i  was taking a winter break generated a lot of emails.   Want to thank everyone for their thoughts and it also made me realize that the blog for many is important as are the reports.   So i'll do my best to keep the reports and not leave anyone hanging!  

With that in mind - let me update everyone on what is happening and coming - because we do have some pretty significant swell trains inbound.   First off, large northwest swell that rolled in the past two days is winding down this am - but still quite solid - 8-9ft at 15 seconds far north - a bit smaller towards OB and Santa Cruz (7-8ft at 15 from 300).   We have two days of decent winds, especially mornings and the next very solid swell will start showing tonight - and by Sunday morning be impacting the north and central coast with forerunners in the 8-10ft at 21-22 second range.   Quite solid with the long period.   Swell will likely increase on Monday - deepwater 13-14 ft and 16-19ft in spots 18-19 second period.  Very powerful and large.   Storm track gets active again Monday, North Bay first and rain spreading into the Bay Area Tuesday.   Another break Wednesday before another storm comes ashore Thursday into Friday.   Weather models hint at yet another system next weekend.   So after a long dry December with minimal swell - January is taking us in the opposite direction with weather and waves.   Winds Sunday will start to veer southeast ahead of the next system and pretty much stay south to southwest the remainder of the week.   So today and tomorrow (if you like the big stuff) will be the call.    Thanks again for all the support and i'll do my best to continue reports each week into the year ahead.   Cheers and cya in the water.  

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  1. I didn't comment previously but let me add my voice as a lurker who greatly appreciates your swell coverage! Not only does it let me know when there's good waves coming in, but I learn a little bit about weather patterns each time.