Friday, December 30, 2016


Our nice conditions of the past week will slowly fade going into tomorrow as a pair of very cold storms drop due south out of BC, bringing with them strong north winds, scattered showers and a chance of very low elevation snow over the hills and ranges of Nor Cal.  Extremely cold morning temps will follow into next week and it will be very blustery overall.  Surf wise - 8-10ft deepwater continues this morning with light north to northeast winds.  Saturday, surf will stay around 10-12ft at 13 seconds.  Winds will increase Saturday, 20-30 knots. Same swell size for Sunday.  Northwest winds forecast Sunday at 20-30 knots so look for a heavy dose of windswell/chop over the main swell.  Water temps have already been very cold and look for them to tumble a few more degrees after this weekends wind event.  Have a safe New Years and cya in the water.

Sunday, December 25, 2016


East winds on this Christmas morning and very cold temps.  Swell is 9ft @11-12 seconds from 300.  Swell fades more today and tomorrow will feature east winds and smaller surf.  Look for 5-6ft at 12 seconds tomorrow.  Swell will build again Tuesday - 9ft at 16 and stay above that height through Thursday.  Winds most of next week look pretty nice for morning sessions - light east to north winds. Cold air temps.  High pressure setting up over us for a bit of an extended run, at least until late next weekend or so when models forecast a wet pattern to return.  All the best this holiday season to you and yours - looks like a fun week of surf ahead.  Cya in the water.

Monday, December 19, 2016


North to northeast winds are providing offshore winds this morning and most spots.  New swell has been filling in overnight as the old one fades, buoys to the north are 8-9ft at 19 seconds.  Swell will build all day.  An incoming weather system will bring a slight chance of rain from Sonoma north tonight and winds will shift to the south/southwest briefly and then back to north on Tuesday.  Swell will build as a new swell train rolls in that evening at 12ft at 20 seconds (deepwater).  Period drops on Wednesday to 17 seconds, but size remains 11-13ft.  That swell fades and yet another swell rolls in about Friday - pushing heights back up into the 12-15ft range.  Better chance of rain around Thursday. After that front passes tomorrow winds should be fairly light near shore until Friday when winds are forecast to increase out of the north at 20-30 knots.  Temperatures are going to moderate over the next few days so mornings won't be quite so frosty.  So plenty of waves on tap, check the winds.  Happy Holidays to everyone and cya in the water.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Strong storm system with plenty of rain is roaring ashore today and will affect out weather for the next 24 hours or so.  Considering all the low pressure circulations offshore you might expect larger surf - but that will stay fairly mid size through the weekend and first part of next week.  Look for NW swell at 8-9 ft at 10secs Friday, and then a new pulse of NW swell on Saturday at 4-6 @17 sec.  Dropping Sunday to 3-4 ft.  That size sticks around Monday/Tuesday.  Mostly north to northwest winds the next 3-5 days too as fronts moving through the upper flow.  Cya in the water.

Friday, December 9, 2016


Rain off and on for the next week and possibly beyond.  South winds as fronts come ashore, north to northwest winds as they pass.  Biggest swell thru about next Tuesday looks like Sat/Sun - deep water 8-9 ft at 13 seconds - the rest of the time, smaller than that and quite a bit smaller than it's been around here for a while now.  Check the winds, there will be spots working.

Saturday, December 3, 2016


New, long period swell is filling in - right now most buoys reading 8-10 ft at 18-20 seconds.  Winds are blowing north/northeast to northwest depending on location.  Water temps have chilled off some with all the wind over the outer waters.  Hovering around 54 now.  Swell will build all day and be quite solid by late PM.  Large tomorrow as well, deepwater 10-12 ft at 16 seconds.  Gradual fade into the middle of next week but plenty to ride.  High pressure is influencing our weather for the next few days.  Slight chance of rain very far north late Sunday and then again around Wednesday.  Biggest headline will be the much colder temps next week as the airmass coming down from the north has it's origins in Alaska.  Longer range is showing a return to wet weather perhaps late next week.  Check the winds, cya in the water.