Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Few Boards for Sale.....

If anyone is interested, selling a couple boards:
6.6 Hypto Crypto with fins - $250.00 - thruster, round pin - great condition.
6.6 Fowler Fountain of Youth with fins - $250.00 - squash tail, thruster, great board to gravel in small waves and goes solid in bigger surf.   Also in great condition.
email me at

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


You'll notice my reports getting a bit stretched out.  It's spring in Nor Cal - so not much to report.   Winds are blowing from the west/northwest and a storm system is diving down from BC that will bring rain to far northwest CA and maybe some showers are far south as Sonoma/Marin late today.   Windswell is our primary source of waves and looks to stay that way through the week.  Looking ahead we might see a better run of south swells as we start the month of June.   Until then, get what you can when you have an opportunity.   Should be enough windswell around to get wet somewhere. Cya in the water.

Monday, May 8, 2017


As noted this morning by the SF NOAA forecaster - Bodega Buoy reporting water temp of 47 degrees (almost hit 46) - coldest since June of 2013.  All the wind over the past weekend has the upwelling machine in full motion.   Nothing that exciting on tap this week - mid range windswell and northwest swell thru the period - winds will continue to blow over the outer and northern waters all week - lightest day looks Thursday - nearshore winds harder to forecast so might be worth a look through the week.  Could also be a good week to get some work done too.   Cya in the water.

Monday, May 1, 2017


Northwest winds continue to blow over outer waters this am - but near shore, winds are light and variable.   This has been the pattern the past few days.   Forecast calls for very warm temps and offshore winds mid week - with those winds making it to the coast - will see if that materializes.  We have a small southwest swell in the water today (1.6 at 18 sec) and north windswell continuing.  The evolution this week of waves and weather goes like this:   new pulse of southwest swell fills in Thursday and peaks Friday.   Deepwater swell is forecast at 3ft from 195-200.   At the same time, a storm system in the Gulf of Alaska is going to develop and kick up a northwest swell event which by Friday is forecast to be running 8-10ft.    There will be slight chance of showers late in the week into the weekend, and northwest winds will pick up strongly after that low pressure system ejects off to the east.    Winds are going to be highly variable all week - so check it.   Should be something to ride each day at the right spots.   Cya in the water.