Thursday, November 29, 2012


Second major winter storm just offshore.  This one will crank out a northwest swell with deepwater heights 16-19ft (or larger) thru the next couple days and 6 inches of rain between now and Friday night in the North Bay.  Third and final storm will roar ashore late Saturday night into Sunday, dumping the same amount of rain, swell.  Winds are gusting from the south at 25kts and will increase all day.  Just a good ole fashioned normal winter storm cycle in Nor Cal.  Plenty of swell out there for the next five days or so - just need to find a place that likes huge waves and south winds.  Cya in the water.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Get It While You Can

We probably get one more ok day until the entire North and West Pacific unload on us starting late Tuesday and lasting thru next weekend.  Large storm surf at times all next week, very strong southeast to south winds (gale warnings will be up starting tomorrow) and heavy rains on and off.  This will be a good week to get some work done.  Very large swell rolls in next weekend - perhaps the biggest of the season to date, but finding some place to ride it will probably be impossible.  Cya in the water.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Updated Forecast

New swell filling in tonight - 5-6 ft at 12 seconds (290+).  Should continue to grow in size tomorrow.  Winds were light offshore most of the day and the pattern looks pretty good for the next couple days with plenty of northwest swell.  Rain will return to the region by next Wednesday, perhaps continuing into next weekend.  Could see quite a large swell event by next weekend  - more on that in a few days as the storm/swell comes together.  Cya in the water.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

Surf will stay decent size most of the week - getting bigger again on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with better wind conditions (Thur/Fri) as high pressure builds back in.  Look for deepwater swell in the 6-8ft range until Wednesday and Thursday when it will jump back to the 10-15 ft range deepwater.  The swell later in the week will have more West in it - 270-300.   Winds look to stay south to southwest for the next two days (but worth checking certain spots as the wind forecast is highly variable due to the proximity of low pressure to our north).  Rain comes in late Tuesday into Wednesday, then high pressure should shift the storm track north for the holiday weekend with nice weather.  Right now it doesn't look like an offshore wind pattern, but perhaps very light north to northwest.  So plenty of swell all week, tricky conditions with the wind.  Know your spots and you'll certainly score.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Cya in the water.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekend Forecast - Swell and Storms

Low pressure is moving onshore this morning from our West, with light rain and south winds ramping up.  Steep storm swell from the southwest will follow.  At the same time, a cold low pressure system is dropping south out of the Gulf of Alaska which will be our rain maker for Saturday and Saturday night.   This storm has also whipped up a long period north swell which will start Saturday.  This swell should peak over the weekend with deepwater heights in the 8-12ft range with periods in the 14-15 sec range.  Angle of approach 299 +.  Problem will be the winds - southeast today, turning to the south/southwest tomorrow and increasing in intensity during the day.  So only spots protected from southerly winds will be rideable.  Everything else will be a junk fest.  Plenty to ride if you know where to look.  Cya in the water.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

East Coast and Sandy

Just wanted to let everyone know there are a lot of fellow surfers and other Human's still hurting on the East Coast after Hurricane Sandy.  Do what you can to help.  Check out the blog on my site called The Endless Bummer (under "Blogs I follow")  - they've posted some great stories, links, etc since Sandy swept through.  Just because the media has already moved on - doesn't mean people aren't still suffering and need a hand.  Even giving something small will go a long way to helping people get back on their feet.  Cya in the water.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pattern to Change

One more really nice morning/day on tap tomorrow with light to offshore winds and fun size surf.  Things begin to break down late Thursday and could stay stormy right into the first part of the following week as low pressure will set up shop in the North Pacific and send a series of storms our way.  Showers, rain along with south to southeast winds look pretty likely from Thursday night on.  So get it while you can.  Swell will jump towards the weekend as well - the challenge will be finding some place clean to ride.  But could see solid double overhead surf (and larger) at north facing breaks come Saturday.  Cya in the water.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hello Orion...

The winter time constellation Orion rises a bit more each night in the Eastern Sky.  Cold temps tonight as dry air filters in following our departing low pressure system.  Winds are dropping and will turn northeast overnight.  Sunday should be crisp and cool and if we're lucky feature offshore winds for the morning session.  Fading north windswell in the water at 5 ft 11 sec from around 330.  Look for fun size surf for the next few days (3-5ft deepwater) and light morning winds.  Next shot of weather gets in here mid to late next week along with more swell, perhaps quite big by next weekend.  Enjoy the next couple.  Cya in the water.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Updated Forecast

Cold low pressure system is dropping south along the West Coast this morning.  West winds are blowing and we have junky windswell.  This system will spread showers from north to south later today and continue into Friday with low snow levels and west to northwest winds.  Swell will fill behind the front tomorrow from 295-320 with double overhead sets possible at north facing breaks.  Size sticks around Saturday (and the nw winds), before dropping out Sunday.  Winds may be lighter on Sunday morning.  If you know where to look you'll find something to ride.  Cya in the water.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

10 ft at 17 seconds

Big northwest swell is filling in today - 10ft at 17 from 290-310.  Swell will peak on Monday with double overhead (and larger) sets at north facing breaks.  The next two days look really nice with warm temps and offshore winds.  Especially Monday. Enjoy it now - starting Wednesday thru the weekend a strong, cold low pressure system will drop south from Canada ushering in very cool temps, showers and unsettled weather.  So get out and enjoy the next two days.  cya in the water.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bigger this coming weekend into Monday

West swell in the water this AM 5-6 ft at 10 from 280.  Winds are light, should pick up a bit this pm when the front pulls through.  High pressure will build back in today pushing the storm track to the north until mid next week.  We SHOULD see light/variable/offshore winds the next 3-4 days in the mornings.  But check the wind links each morning as the forecast is highly variable at the moment.  Mid period swell around today and fading tomorrow into Saturday.  Sunday, new pulse of West swell rises up from 260-290 with deepwater in the 4-7ft range.  Good for overhead waves at north facing breaks.  By Monday, deepwater will be 6-10 ft with double overhead sets at north facing breaks as the swell peaks.  Good run of weather/surf coming up.  Cya in the water.