Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Light winds and moderate northwest to west swell should continue Christmas week.   Buoys right now are 6-7 ft at 13 from 295 plus.   Reinforcing shot of west swell rolls in starting tomorrow and Thursday -that should take surf heights back up some to 6-7ft at 15 seconds.   Slow fade into the weekend.   The persistent ridge blocking all storms from the west coast as well as shunting a lot of swell producing storms way up into the Gulf of AK is showing signs of breaking down.   If you read the NOAA forecasts on this page you will see that we're starting to see signs of things changing around the first week in January.   Hopefully that comes to pass and we will start getting some rain - which is also good for many local beaches and spots along the Central CA Coast during the winter - opening up river mouths, sandbars and other locations.  

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