Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bonzer Love.....

So first impression of my new bonzer - WOW. Surfed it this am in pretty epic beach break conditions. Never in my life surfed a bonzer, so didn't really know what to expect. I can say this - fans of the bonzer talk about a "5th gear/dimension" - the speed, long turns - it's very much true. The board is a missle - loves long rail turns and actively engages the pocket at the tap of your toe or heel. I can't wait to get this board in some bigger surf. You can tell the board will come alive even more with some serious juice underneath. It's not a vertical surfing machine, in the way a thruster or quad goes north to south on a wave you know - but if you really like taking your turns out and projecting way down the line - it's certainly something for your quiver. Thanks to Graham at Shelter Surf Shop in Long Beach and the Campbell Bros in Ventura. As for our surf - should have another clean morning or two with light winds. Surf will start to come up Friday - and get pretty solid by sundown (back in the 8-12ft range). Look for size to stick around Saturday. We have a small storm blowing thru Friday/Friday night. Lingers into Saturday and then high pressure regains control. Probably another small storm next Tuesday or so - and then we could also be looking for more of a shift back to a wetter pattern late next week. That's it - cya in the water.

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