Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanks 2Mile Surf Shop

Don't spend your money in 2mile Surf Shop in Bolinas. I heard this weekend that the new owner of 2mile - who also owns a surf shop in Downtown Petaluma, is "outing" the last remaining secret spots on the West Marin Coast. Bolinas locals confirmed that they've heard the owner on the phone giving directions to people that most likely shouldn't be venturing out of Bolinas to begin with. It's bad enough that Bolinas has been taken over by every imaginable wave craft and surfer within a 100 mile radius, now you have some fucking kook telling everyone where the last remaining spots are so they can bring their 10 ft surf tech foamies into those line ups. Not sure how the rest of you feel about this - but I think we should allow people the opportunity to "discover" new spots on their own, through trial and error and some local knowledge. That's how I've found any new spot for myself on the CA coast over the past 30 years or so - from San Diego to points far north of San Francisco. And to all you surf shops giving group lessons as well as private lessons - some words of advice - teach your students some basic rules of the road before allowing them into the water - like look over your shoulder and dont drop in on people, if you're paddling out paddle inside a surfer who is up and riding on a wave. Do not try to beat him or her to the shoulder of the wave - you'll lose that race most everytime. You guys are ruining our spots with your lack of respect and common courtesy. You want to make money giving lessons - that's fine. You want to run a surf shop and make some cash - good for you. How about using your head and respect the people that live in the area, and the surfers that have been at these spots for a long time.

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  1. Hate to break it to you but Outside Magazine did a whole piece on Bolinas a litte bit back. Spoke about the whole locals taking the signs down and all....not to mention when I moved here 10 yrs ago it took me 2 weeks to hear about the place, find it and surf it. No more secrets I guess....way better waves than Bo' (you know where they are!) if you ask me anyway, let the kooks have it. LOVE YOUR REPORTS!!!!