Sunday, October 1, 2017


Calendar says Oct 1, but the conditions look a bit more like late April or May.   Strong, gale force winds are blowing down the coast from Cape Mendocino south, making a general mess of everything.  Short period windswell the rule and that looks to continue into the week.   I'm not seeing much hope for anything until next Friday (forerunners Thursday) when a steep angled south swell comes in from down under.   This swell is the result of a strong storm last week and should have some decent size (deepwater 3-4 ft with long periods), but the angle of approach might limit it's solid impacts 190-195 degrees.   However, south facing spots should have size and if all goes as forecast this could be a pretty solid swell event.    No major swells of interest from the North Pacific forecast, however we could see some energy middle of the following week - as things remain fairly active in the Gulf, but most of the energy has been pushing into BC.   Winds might get lighter towards Thursday of next week which would limit it's shredding impacts on the incoming south swell train up the coast.   Cya in the water.

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