Thursday, September 1, 2016


Welcome to meteorological fall (Sep-Nov) and the start of the good wave season for Northern and Central CA.  You made it thru another summer.  It's not looking that Fall like at present, but hang in there - things will be changing.  For the upcoming Labor Day weekend look for northwest windswell to continue along with small longer period swell from the southwest.  Winds don't look that ideal, northwest winds will blow most of the period over the outer offshore waters, but nearshore winds might be lighter, especially for the AM sessions.

While the West Pac and East Pac have been quite active with hurricanes of late - we have no inbound swell from any of those systems.  All the models point to things starting to pick up about two weeks into the month from both the north and south - with some decent swell possible from the southern hemi.  While we have transitioned out of El Nino to a La Nina state - it's a fairly weak La Nina, but don't look for the same type of size and consistency of waves we had last winter.  The energy out in the Pacific isn't the same.  Could see a fairly normal winter of weather and waves for Nor Cal - have to see how things unfold.  I'll be back on with regular reports now throughout the winter especially as things get busy and we start seeing some good swell events from the Nor Pac.  Cya in the water.

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