Friday, June 4, 2010

Weekend Forecast

Fun mix of nw and sw swells in the water - with lighter winds near shore - especially in the mornings. Look for this trend on Friday and probably Saturday - before we seen an increase in nw winds towards Sunday. Look for nw energy to increase more late Friday - maxing on Saturday with deep water at 4-7 ft from 275-300. SW swell will continue through the weekend with deep water heights around 3 ft from 190-210. The cross up of swells should keep beach breaks pretty fun. It's going to warm up a lot this weekend - and it might really shut down any marine influence of fog, winds - we'll have to see how close the thermal low inland moves overhead - how much it does will have a big impact on our winds. So, might not be a bad couple days of surf coming up - by late Spring standards - go out and get some. cya in the water.

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