Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Quiver!

L to R - 6.6 FCD KMRP Model, Round pin. 6.4 Rusty Hustler. 6.1 Channel Island Even Keel. Let the good times roll.


  1. check the latest pic - it's there! wasab

  2. Sick that's close to my all year quivey cept my grovler's a 6-0 and a quad. Which may I ask how you like having the quad/truster set up on the KMRP. Do you ride the quad or thruster more? Thanks-

  3. ah nice. Love the quad/thruster set up on the the KMRP. I use the quad on smaller days and thruster on bigger days. I think i'm riding the thruster more - love the way that board feels - the round pin is so nice and responsive. With the quad set up - it's a bit more twitchy, and you can thrown the turns a bit more.