Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pattern change in the works....

Just looked at the long term weather models and things are transitioning to perhaps a Spring like pattern starting next week. The jetstream/stormtrack is shifting north which means the next series of swells will have a much more northerly angle (300 degree plus events) - shadowing many Bay Area breaks - and creating much smaller surf at south facing breaks. It's too early to grab your windsurfing shit just yet - but things have changed quite quickly (just since my last report earlier this week) as the models have become bearish in their thinking El Nino is going to keep cranking. Forecast storm for tomorrow is losing steam and now it looks like the weekend could be dry (which is good) but we might also have nw winds blowing (bad). Next week - this trend continues. A hint the jetstream will get it's act together in 7-10 days and give us more westerly swell events - but all i can say is it's March - and it's always a month full of wild fluctuations. I still think that the effects of El Nino will influence our weather (and thus waves) well into Spring - but we could be looking at the first signs of things slowing down. We still have a good looking swell coming in for Saturday - so make the best of that. cya in the water.

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