Saturday, September 3, 2016


Shredded is a good word to describe conditions - north to northwest winds howling from the far North Coast all the way past Big Sur.  Water temps are dropping fast, already 52 at Bodega.  This is all due to high pressure re asserting itself in the East Pacific with low pressure departing to our northeast and east.  Windswell is increasing in size, but not sure you will be able to find anything clean to ride.  There will be a pulse of swell in the water starting tomorrow from West Pacific Typhoon Lionrock, but not sure you will notice it under the dominant windswell.  Deepwater swell will be 2ft at 17 seconds from 295-298.  Fading out by Tuesday.  Beyond that - couple of pulses with New Zealand origins show up mid week and beyond.  Southwest swell starting 215 + degrees 2-2.5ft deepwater Wednesday 9-7, with a 2nd smaller pulse Thursday 9-8 and Friday 9-9 from about 198-200 degrees.  Really waiting on a Fall pattern to take shape and nothing on the books yet.  Thought we were done with all this northwest wind - but mother nature has other plans for now.  Cya in the water.

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