Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Solid Day - Next Swell Friday - Weather Changes Ahead

photo: sean shafer
Man, how good was today?  Ocean Beach was dishing up some large waves - up to double overhead - and if you could make it through the whitewater - damn fine.  Think the ASP boys would like to see this come November?  Swell winding down through tomorrow - but still plenty of size.  Deepwater still at 8-9 ft at 11-14 seconds.  Today was the last real warm day for a while - as we have a major pattern change taking shape with a series of storms that will bring much cooler weather over the weekend and then pretty decent shots of rain next week.  Next swell due in here Friday/Saturday - not nearly as big as today - but good for head to a bit overhead at north facing breaks.  Keep an eye on the winds.  Might get a halfway decent run at it Thursday before the pattern starts to break down and onshore push begins.  Cya in the water.

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