Thursday, February 15, 2018


Storm track remains split in the far West Pacific and as such, we have no really strong systems out there that can produce meaningful swell.   Modest pulses this week.   We should see an upturn in energy starting Friday night into Saturday as a new longer period swell arrives - peaking Saturday at 7ft 17seconds.   North and west facing breaks will have decent size.   Winds over the outer waters are suppose to remain elevated - north to northwest - nearshore - could be times in the early mornings with light wind to sideshore/offshore - best bet to check it - wind forecast remains highly variable at the moment.   High pressure remains in control - we are really falling behind now with rainfall totals statewide with no real relief in sight.   Next week a very cold weather system is forecast to drop right out of Canada over CA and usher in the coolest temps we've seen in a long time - but very little moisture.   Long term models show some signs of hope for the persistent ridge to finally break down by the end of Feb - but i'm not sure that's going to happen.   March 1 looms, the traditional end to the "good" wave riding season in Nor Cal - ugh - and we could be in for a very windy spring.   That means very cold water temps too.   Cya in the water!

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