Friday, November 4, 2016


Solid West swell this morning - 12ft @14 from 290.  Winds are blowing offshore.  Pretty epic morning ahead.  One more nice day in store before a Pacific Weather system drops rain over the weekend - probably as far south as SF but likely no further.  Most of the rain will fall in the North Bay.  Swell will stay elevated through the weekend as a reinforcing shot of West swell enters are waters on Saturday keeping deepwater heights in the 12-15ft range.  Winds will turn southwest Saturday and then light northwest back on Sunday as high pressure regains control.  The upper atmosphere jet stream and winds remain locked in a very stagnant pattern with high pressure over the West/Texas and low pressure in the Gulf of Alaska.  We sit just on the far western edge of the high - not solid enough to keep storms out but just strong enough to knock them down some as they come ashore.  However, with low pressure anchored in the Gulf, don't look for swell trains to end anytime soon.  The N Pacific is pretty agitated from the past 2-3 weeks of storm circulations and that will continue.  Cya in the water.

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