Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Not too much change in the thinking for the week ahead.  We have a couple of southwest swells in the water headed our way for around Wednesday, lasting thru Friday.  Looking for deepwater heights to be in the 2-3ft range with initial periods of 19 seconds, dropping to 18 sec through the day Thursday.  Northwest winds remain strong through tomorrow and then may start to fade some as high pressure moves into the Great Basin and the thermal low over CA moves towards the coast.  This should give us a southerly wind reversal by Thursday and lighter winds around the Bay Area and points north.  Some forecast/models calling for offshore winds, easterly flow for late week - think that might be overdone and overly optimistic - depends on the strength of the high pressure to our northeast and the location of the thermal low.  Water temps are cold now from all the wind - 50 at Bodega, bit warmer at SF Buoy with readings around 55.  No storms active in the North Pacific at the moment.  The Jetstream is pushing from the West Pacific up into Alaska down through BC with high pressure maintaining control for the moment in the entire East Pacific.  Cya in the water.

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