Thursday, April 28, 2016


Water temp at the SF Buoy this morning is 48.6 degrees.  Almost two weeks of on and off northwest winds have the upwelling machine running - with no relief in sight through most of the weekend as strong winds over the outer waters will continue to howl down the northern coast.  Big wind swell the result - at 12-13 at 9 seconds - but we also have a long period northwest swell building in with 14 second periods.  South facing breaks will be the only call due to the winds - but much smaller overall.  The South Pac has been active for the past two weeks as well with decent pulses of south to southwest swells propagating north - but for us - due to all the wind & angle of approach - those swells are getting hammered as they move into our local waters.  Some of the more favored locations for south to southwest swells may pick up some of these swells as we move into early May, but your best option will be south of our region in fact as far south as you can go.  Lighter winds forecast from Sunday into early next week - might be some windows for surf.  Until then - take what you can get, where you can get it.  Cya in the water.

Friday, April 15, 2016


Large off season swell winding down through tomorrow - swell is 11 ft at 14-15 sec from 295 plus.  Look for northwest winds to blow for the next few days over the outer waters - could see possible offshore flow morning sessions this weekend - as high pressure builds some to our north and east and winds switch.   Northwest swell will stay in the 6-8 ft range through Sunday.  Dry conditions to prevail, maybe another chance of rain late next week.  Not much incoming from the southern ocean, NPac remains fairly active for the time of year sending in pulses of west/northwest swell.  My reports will be less frequent as we move into late spring and summer, the official off season in Nor Cal.  Cya in the water.  

Monday, April 4, 2016


Hope you got some of that southwest swell that came ashore the past few days.  Certainly were some moments if you were in the right spot.  Northwest winds are blowing and look to blow all week.  Small pulses of mid period northwest swell and wind swell will be the primary source of surf.  Forecast is calling for an early spring heat event mid week with offshore winds - but not sure if these winds will transfer all the way to the coast just yet.  If they do, Wednesday looks like the best morning with this pattern.  After that, low pressure moving up from Baja will merge with a low pressure system in the Gulf and bring us a chance of showers from Friday through the weekend - along with southerly winds as the Baja low moves up towards So Cal.  Not much swell in the long term from the south or north.  Keeping an eye on the Southern Ocean for hints of south swell events to come.  Cya in the water.