Saturday, October 19, 2013

Larger Long Period Swell Early Next Week....

Small surf prevails - with fog back at the coast.  Things should remain on the small side until late Sunday night when early forerunners of the swell from former Typhoon Wipha start to show - deepwater 4-6ft at 20-23 seconds.  By mid day Monday, look for 6-8 ft at 18-20 seconds and during the peak of this event we might see larger sets in the 10-15ft range.  Swell angle 309 deg. A few things about this forecast.  First, this storm developed quite far from Northern CA.  Second, the main life cycle of this storm has been in the very far northern latitudes of the N Pac - not ideal for swell angle into N Cal.  So expect long lulls, but when the energy does come - especially during the peak of the event and peak tides - expect things to pack a good punch.  Wind forecast not ideal for early next week - NOAA still saying nw winds each day over the coastal waters - but they are forecast to stay light - so morning will probably be the best windows.  Cya in the water.

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