Thursday, September 19, 2013

First Big Shot of the Fall - More Next Week

First storm of the Fall season is generating a swell train that will build late Friday and then peak saturday with 8-12ft deepwater forecast.  First potential rain of the season is also coming in with it - late Friday into Saturday - but might be a North Bay only event with only scattered showers from SF south.  Solid swell left on Sunday and fading some into Monday.  Next bigger shot comes in Tuesday - also 8-12ft deepwater - perhaps bigger.  Winds are going to be an issue the next five or so days.  With the front on Friday/Saturday - probably see south winds come up with the advance of the storm.  Then behind, cool northwest flow is forecast with strong winds through the week as the jetstream gets quite active just to our north all next week.  Fall is here for sure - storms are working through the Gulf of Alaska - so plenty to ride - just keep an eye/check the winds.  I won't be updating this report until Sept 25 as i will be out for a few days.  Cya in the water.

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