Thursday, September 26, 2013

Conditions to improve towards the weekend

Active storm track just to our north is creating very strong northwest winds that may flirt with moments of offshore over the next 24-36 hours (unlikely at the coast however).  Swell remains good size at 6-10 ft deepwater (larger farther north).  Looking for lighter morning winds from Friday to Sunday and size will drop down into a fun zone 3-5 ft deepwater Friday, a tad smaller Saturday, then rapid increase in surf height on Sunday (late) when a new swell runs in pushing heights back up to 6-10ft deepwater for Monday.  Fall is here, the North Pacific is active and we will continue to see plenty of surf for the next seven days.  Slight chance of rain again for the North Bay late Sunday, into Monday.  Swell angles remain pretty steep for most of these events - 300-325, as the energy is gaining the most traction in the Eastern Gulf of Alaska.  Cya in the water.

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