Thursday, July 11, 2013

Updated Forecast - No reports July 14-21

Small south swell in the water - 2-2.5ft at 14-17 seconds.  We will see a bit bigger push into the weekend from the storm that slammed South America and Central America this past week.  Unfortunately, due to the extreme angle of approach (165-180) from the south - many spots wont pick up the energy.  Best bet is going to be So Cal, and closer breaks to our south.  There are spots up here that will harness that angle, if you know where to look.  Looking farther ahead - the end of next week a larger southwest swell will approach.  This swell has a better direction 200-225 - and should be a pretty decent event.  Northwest to onshore winds look the rule for the extended.  Lightest in the mornings.  I'm in Mexico next week chasing that upcoming swell - so there won't be any reports until July 22.  Cya in the water.

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