Sunday, June 2, 2013

South Swell mid to late next week

Large storm complex down under has whipped up a decent south swell which should start to show around our shores Wednesday with long period forerunners (25 sec) in the afternoon.  Swell will fill in and trend up on Thursday with deepwater forecast in the 3-4ft range at 20-22 seconds.  Swell holds Friday as period drops into the 18-19 second range - and residual swell still showing Saturday as period drops to 17 seconds.  This swell will probably be on par with the last south a couple weeks back, perhaps a tad bigger.  Much will depend on the northwest winds at the time and if it's shredding all the way down the coast to Pt Conception - expect this swell to come in smaller.  Souths that get a lot of hype rarely live up to it around our part of the world.  There are certain spots that will harness the energy, but even those spots can be very fickle depending on the direction of the swell, tide and wind.  If you've surfed up here a long time, you already know this.  Points further south always fair much better.  Should be impressive when it hits Mexico and So Cal - we will see what we get.  Cya in the water.

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