Friday, February 22, 2013

Large NW swell incoming, Spring lurks......

Large swell train forecast to impact the region late Saturday night through Sunday - with deepwater swell forecast 15-19 ft with long periods & steep angle 300-330 (biggest north).  Northwest winds appear to be setting up as the calendar moves closer to March, however worth checking each morning as the winds nearshore could remain on the light side.  Water temps are dropping with the winds, 49 and falling.  Spring time high pressure ruling the Pacific diverting the storm track up into BC and down into the Great Basin.  NO rain forecast through early March and my guess is we will see very little rain for the remainder of the winter as this highly unusual blocking winter high will only get stronger when we get into March and April.  Storms are still active in the North Pac - just tracking very high latitude, so we're seeing much steeper angle swells - which is very typical as the seasons change.   Plenty of surf on tap the next five days.  If you know where to look you'll find something to ride.  Cya in the water.

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