Monday, September 3, 2012

Updated Forecast - New Gulf Gale

South swell continues to hang around, deep water readings 2-2.5ft at 17 seconds from 170-190.  Swell should fade out of here completely by late Tuesday.  Windswell will then take over for most of the week.  A new storm dropping south under the Aleutians is forecast to gain strength and wind is pushing pretty good to the East.  If things hold together, we'll see a shot of mid period northwest swell next weekend - probably in the 3-5 ft range (deepwater) - maybe a touch bigger the further north you go.  This event should hang around most of next weekend.  Winds this week look fairly light from the west or northwest all week.  Fog remains locally dense near the coast.   I don't see anything changing the wind flow this week.  Will remain onshore.  I'll update Wednesday on the incoming swell train for the weekend.  Cya in the water.

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