Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Updated Forecast

Large windswell in the water today as winds continue to howl offshore.  Small mid period ground swell from an old typhoon in the West Pac is also in the mix, but mainly lost under the dominant windswell.  This is an interesting swell however, since it's the first of two typhoons that are curving north of Japan and getting caught in the westerlies and bringing swell in our direction. More typical of a Fall pattern, but with La Nina fading could be a good sign for the months ahead.  Small southwest/south swell in the water as well.  Look for this trend to continue through the weekend - windswell, background mid period swell (both from the north/northwest) and southern hemi.  Temps get super hot with possible offshore winds this weekend too.  Could clean up some north facing breaks if the forecast holds.  cya in the water

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