Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Updated Memorial Day Weekend Forecast

Howling northwest winds is what we have.  Junky short period windswell a result.  Very deep, unseasonably cold low pressure system in BC will drop south by the Friday giving us a chance at rain in the North Bay.  We also have Tropical Storm Bud in the East Pac - but probably won't make it into the Nor Cal swell window before turning north onto the Mexican Coast.  But a good sign, maybe we'll have a strong local hurricane season off Mexico.  La NIna is on her last legs, which is also good, meaning we'll probably return to a neutral pattern for next winter.  If we're lucky, perhaps even a swing more toward El Nino.  Either way, should be a better Fall for waves.  Until then, we will have an increase in windswell and short period north swell through the week - but conditions will probably be pretty messy except for breaks sheltered from the wind.  That system will be out of here by Saturday and Sunday and Monday look to be pretty nice inland, with perhaps lighter winds near the coast.  Have to wait and see.  As always this time of year - surf early, check the winds.  cya in the water.

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