Thursday, October 27, 2011

North Pac Loads Up for the ASP Boys

Upcoming run of back to back to back northwest to west swells in our future.  First swell is running down the coast tonight - deepwater in the 5-6 range at 14 seconds to our north.  From 305-320.  Swell will fill in on Friday, biggest in the PM.  Overhead surf for sure at the north facing breaks.  Surf will hold into Saturday.  Next swell due in Sunday, a tad smaller than the first swell - strongest Sunday - from 300-320.  Last swell rolls in next Tuesday - (first day of the contest waiting period) - lot of west in this one, from 295 - 320 - good for well overhead to double overhead surf at the best north facing breaks.  High pressure will stay in control right now through mid next week - then the pattern is forecast to break down, storms get closer and the storm track dips south.  Could see much larger surf develop then - but also could see some windy conditions.  More on that late in the weekend.  As for winds this weekend  - light winds forecast most mornings - but could have a very light onshore component both Sat/Sun mornings.  So check it and you might find some clean conditions.  Cya in the water.

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