Monday, September 5, 2011

Week Ahead - First Larger NW Pulse

Well, hope you feasted on that south swell.  Last remnants winding down this afternoon - but it was such a fun weekend.  I heard reports of spots working well that rarely do unless a strong south is in the water.  Winds were a bit funky at times, but there were also some really nice moments when everything came together.  We'll have a mix of longer period (small) northwest and southwest tomorrow and Wednesday.  Then look for a new northwest swell (295-310) to show on Thursday - and this will be OUR FIRST - larger NW of the early season - going head high at good exposures and overhead ++ at solid northwest facing breaks Friday/Saturday.  Look for light southwest to west winds most of the week due to the fog/onshore push - probably lightest for morning sessions - and like this past weekend, there will be moments.  Check the links on this site related to wind.  We need a strong offshore event to set up the pattern - and rid the coast of the fog - but for now - nothing forecast.  Plenty to surf however.  Cya in the water.

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