Wednesday, August 17, 2011

TS Fernanda, TS Greg and more southerly swell

3.0 at 17 from 160 today - steep angle of approach - but some spots are bringing sets in.  This swell is from a storm that formed off Chile around Aug 7th.  Winds are lightest at protected breaks.  Tropical Storms Fernanda, Greg are tracking in the East Pac.  Fernanda is moving wnw towards Hawaii - could see some swell from her over the weekend.  Greg just became a TS today - tracking off the Mexican Pacific Coast.  Forecast to move out and wnw under Baja later in the week.  Not quite in our swell window just yet - but he may move into it by the weekend.  Definitely keep an eye on these two storms - most forecasters dont pay much attention to swells from tropical storms/hurricanes in the East Pac - but they do get in here (as Eugene did a week or so back).  They can have some good punch given their closer distance to our coastline.  More by Friday - keep an eye on the winds - might be light the next two mornings - with coastal fog.  Waiting for the North Pac to really wake up and give us a shot of something decent.  cya in the water.

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