Monday, August 29, 2011

Strong Southwest Mid Week, Northwest too

Pretty strong southwest/south swell inbound this week.  Starting late Wednesday - with long period forerunners in the 18-22 sec band.  By Thursday and Friday - spots with good exposure to the south will see solid size - head high plus.  At the same time - we have overlapping mid period swells from the northwest due - which will cross up dominate southern energy and make the beach breaks pretty peaky.  Fog, onshore winds continue to be the rule - but mornings have been pretty clean and some spots this past weekend were glassy most of the day.  The weather trend looks to continue that way most of the week - with maybe the lightest winds this week on Thurs/Fri with the incoming swells. Models had hinted at an offshore wind event next weekend as we're into September - but have backed off that and continue to the trend of generally gloomy conditions at the coast - warm inland.  Cya in the water.

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