Friday, July 1, 2011

Holiday Weekend Forecast

Mix of windswell and nw groundswell should keep surf in the waist to head high range through Monday at west/north facing breaks.  Bigger sets certainly possible - as we have deepwater in the 6 ft at 12 range - with some larger surf up north.  Southwest swell is minimal through the period.  Winds aren't that bad, even this afternoon - light onshore right now.  I'd say early mornings will still be your best bet with variable winds forecast - then turning stronger onshore for the PM sessions.  High pressure building from the desert southwest - if it makes it all the way to the coast it should wipe out the marine inversion - however - super tricky to pinpoint - so you might run into patches of fog/low clouds for those morning surfs.  Have a great holiday weekend - cya in the water.

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