Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekend Forecast - ugh

Well Spring is finally upon us.  Water temps around 49 - steady nw winds and meager swell offerings.  We do have some north windswell in the water - at around 7-9 ft at 10 sec from 280+.  No south to speak of. There is a CHANCE winds turn a bit more offshore over the weekend as high pressure strengthens over the region - best bet is to check it early when the winds will probably be the lightest.  Windswell pretty much the rule this weekend - and actually fading after Saturday.  Really nice weather with sunny skies - so that's at least something.  cya in the water.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Updated Forecast & Rip Curl Search Comes to SF

The Rip Curl Search comes to Ocean Beach this November.  Let's all hope for 14 ft at 17 seconds or so - since they've indicated the pros won't get PWC assist out to the line up.  Should be fun to watch Slater, Parko, Fanning and the boys paddle out.  Until then - we have rain, we have onshore wind and we have some small swell in the water as our soggy spring continues.  SW swell is hanging around but fading.  North windswell at 2.4 ft at 10 from 285.  Look for a bump up in north swell Tuesday into Wednesday with shoulder to head high surf at north facing breaks.  Another pulse of north swell rolls in Friday which will probably keep up through next weekend.  Similar size - perhaps a touch bigger.  Northwest winds all week - lightest in the mornings - so it's not going to be very clean.  Maybe early mornings are the best bet.  It looks like we'll finally see warmer temps next weekend as the storm track shifts north and high pressure begins to build in along the West Coast.  Cya in the water.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mix of south and small northwest for the weekend....

South swell showing 2.5 at 14 from 195 - small pulse of northwest swell at 2.8 at 11 from 290.  The winds are the issue - been blowing west to northwest all day messing everything up.  The main energy in the jetstream is just to our north in Oregon - keeping this moist/cloudy airmass around, even though were on the southern extent of the storms.  We have a chance of rain again tonight, through the weekend and on and off again most of next week.  In short, no big warm up, no high pressure (but then again, no HOWLING nw winds either) - just murky weather.  Look for s/sw winds Saturday/Sunday.  The sw swell is suppose to pulse up a bit more over the weekend - northwest swell will probably stay around the same size.  Best bet is to probably surf very early before the winds gain speed later in the day.  Cya in the water.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Just crossed 10,000 visits today for this little blog.  Thanks to everyone for reading and supporting.  It's much more exciting than our current wind/surf forecast - which is junky winds turning onshore tonight/west Thursday.  There is a nice sw swell running in the 3ft at 15 sec range - but good luck finding some place clean enough to ride it.  Maybe cleaner Friday morning - more on that tomorrow.  Thanks again for visiting my blog.  cya in the water.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Week Ahead

**My blog got a facelift - hope you like it.  Photo credits to Hawk (i'll be adding new photos on a regular basis so feel free to send me interesting pics).  Small surf looks the rule most of the week.  Mix of windswell and south/sw swell events on and off through the period.  The southern hemi is getting more active, so you might find something to ride at breaks with a good window to that direction.  I'd recommend a big floaty board too. Winds are problematic all week with a front moving past today and another on Wed/Wed night - bringing another chance of rain.  Check the winds early/surf early/be happy with what you get. Only five months until September.  cya in the water.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend Forecast

On again off again chances of very light rain through Sunday/Monday.  But places south of the Bay Area probably won't see any precip at all - and likely not much past SFO.  WNW windswell the rule through the weekend - pulsing up a bit on Saturday - but staying in the head high (touch bigger at times) at breaks that face northwest.  Could see light morning winds both Saturday and Sunday - so check it early and you might get lucky.  Not much else - it's Spring, it could be blowing 50kts and it's not - so let's all consider ourselves lucky.  cya in the water.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Week Ahead

Northwest swell filled in last night - deep water is 5 ft 11-13 sec from around 305.  Some bigger energy still moving down the coast and will show up during the afternoon.  Winds are quite light at the moment but will pick up from the northwest as the day goes on.  Should have moderate amounts of northwest swell all week - with deep water heights in the 5-8ft range, head to a few feet overhead at times at breaks with a good window to the northwest.  Two fronts passing through this week - one right now which probably wont give us any rain - and another on Wednesday with a better shot of precip.  By Friday, winds look the lightest for the morning sessions.  Check the winds and surf early - always a good rule in the Spring - and you might get lucky.  I'd like to give a shout out to the Marine Mammal Center - they came out to West Marin last Thursday and rescued a very young seal pup who had lost contact with it's mom.  Hope she/he makes it back to the ocean very soon.  There are many organizations in the Bay Area that provide wonderful service to all sorts of wild animals in distress and most of the people volunteer their time to help. It's a really cool thing about where we all live and surf. cya in the water.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekend Forecast

Mix of NW windswell at 10ft 11 sec from 305 and small south - 1.7 at 17 from 165 this am.  Windswell the dominate source for the next two days.  By Sunday - we might see another shot of west/northwest swell - but smaller than the event that just hit mid week.  Winds are actually blowing east/northeast this am - look for them to shift to northwest later today.  Look for variable winds Saturday morning and then winds shift to wsw for Sunday morning as the tail end of a front sweeps to our north.  Sunny skies, high pressure builds in - cold water (48-49).  cya in the water.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week Ahead

Lightest winds of the week appear to be tomorrow AM.  Large windswell is winding down and that trend will continue through the first part of the week.  Next large swell event looks to arrive Wednesday through Saturday with well overhead to double overhead waves at north facing breaks.  Unfortunately, onshore/nw winds will be the rule most of the week - plus we have a cool weather system coming down bringing a chance of rain from Thursday to Saturday.  Welcome to April.  cya in the water.