Monday, February 28, 2011

March Arrives - Week Ahead

Well, March 1st is officially the start to the spring surfing season on our north coast.  However, winter is still very much in charge.  Large storm is forecast to roar ashore late Tuesday through Wednesday with high winds and plenty of rain.  In fact south winds look the rule from Tuesday afternoon until probably Thursday when things will turn west/southwest - then perhaps light to variable winds on Friday.  Swell wise - new pulse of northwest swell if filling in tonight - 5-6 ft at 14 from super steep angle - 320 plus.  Swell will quickly top out tomorrow afternoon.  Back to back westerly swells look to come in Wed/Thurs - probably biggest Thursday - with well overhead waves at the north facing breaks.  That swell will drop out quickly on Friday.  Another big storm is due in here next weekend.  So, for the next couple days find spots that like south winds.  cya in the water.

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