Monday, February 7, 2011

Feels like Spring, looks like Spring.....

North winds howling offshore - buoys showing winds in the 29-35kt range - steep/short period windswell as a result in the 7-10ft range at a lovely 8 seconds from 330.  Look for winds to continue overnight - and then start to calm down as we move through the week.  In fact we may see a return to light morning winds starting Wednesday and lasting through Friday.  So don't panic yet.  We are looking at back to back small pulses of WNW swells starting late tonight and lasting through Friday.  Nothing huge, probaby in the 4-7 ft range (deep water swell heights) - with a bit more size Thurs/Fri.  By the weekend - and into early the following weekend - high pressure moves off - and low pressure move in - with a decent storm forecast next Tuesday, chance of rain this weekend.  Still way early to call - but something to keep an eye on.  We need more rain and snow in the mountains before the rainy season shuts down - so that is not all together a bad thing.  Keep an eye on the winds this week - know your spots and you might find a few waves here and there.  cya in the water.

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