Monday, December 2, 2013

Updated Forecast - Old Man Winter To Visit

Swell still 5.5ft at 12 from 270+ - winds coming up a bit and will really start to blow from the north and northwest tomorrow as a very cold system drops south out of British Columbia.  Could see freezing temps at the Coast by Thursday/Friday morning - and very cold temps in the 20s inland.  No rain to speak of - however models are hinting at that possibility for next weekend and beyond.  Swell wise this week - mix of north and northwest windswell will be the rule really - and winds are going to probably make a mess of it from Tuesday on.  Sheltered spots will probably be best, but also small given the short period nature of the swells on tap.  So, good week to get back to work.  Keep an eye on the winds and swell, know your spots and you might find something to ride.  ***Side note - NOAA released it's buoy recovery and repair list for 2014 and none of the CA Buoys that are out - are on the list to be repaired and redeployed.  Thanks NOAA.  Papa and CA will remain off the grid for the season.  Cya in the water.

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