Thursday, September 5, 2013

Updated Forecast - Offshores for the weekend?

Back to some marginal conditions again at least for today.  NW wind is on it and blowing hard at the outer waters.  That should take a few degrees off the water temp for the weekend.  Windswell will also increase tonight and tomorrow and a new mid period northwest swell will come in Friday and last into Sunday.  Right now looks like surf will be in the 4-6 ft range on Friday (deepwater) and 3-5ft on Saturday into Sunday. High pressure is building into the Great Basin, while thermal low pressure is going to build on the coast.  What this should do is drive temps up, the flow should switch from onshore to offshore and we will see warmer temps at the coast.  That's the forecast, we'll see if the wind direction and warm temps make it to the coast.  I'm still a bit skeptical given the strong nw winds that are forecast to blow over the outer waters most of the weekend.  For sure winds will be lightest in the mornings Friday to Sunday - so check it.  Cya in the water.

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