Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wind swell, small Gulf swell early next week?

NW Windswell on the rise tonight and for the next couple days.  Should be good for head to slighty overhead surf at north facing breaks at it's peak.  Winds are still onshore, the fog is still in and conditions are reserved for the most desperate.  I am watching a weak weather system just dropping out of the Bering Sea tonight (i'm really reaching here, can you tell?)  Anyway, if this little sucker pulls it together we could see a small mid period north swell come in next Mon/Tues.  That's still a long way off - but it's something to watch.  More on that by Friday.  Cya in the water. ***ALSO - added a new link to the Forecast at right - it's the Goes NOAA High Density Winds page.  This is a good look at the upper level winds with storm/storm fronts.  Colored arrows indicate strength (number of barbs on each line) and direction. Good tool to keep an eye on when storms start to head our way this fall. 

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  1. Weak system out of the Bering Sea!? Mid period? Perfect offshore barrels? You promised it. Heyo! Love the blog guy. Been an avid follower for a long time. I'm going crazy here waiting for Fall, and the honest/ unbiased updates keep me sane. Keep rocking it.