Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekend Forecast - Gulf Low

Upper level low (top of picture) is dropping south this morning out of the Gulf of Alaska.  Winds with this system just starting to ramp up.  Swell from this system will probably start Monday (perhaps late Sunday) and stick around until next Wednesday.  Probably looking for 2-4 ft deepwater swell from 310-330 - so pretty steep angle of approach.  Mid periods.  But it's a nice sign.  Also watching a couple of Typhoons in the far West Pacific.  This is also an indication that things are starting to change as the calendar heads towards September.  Better news perhaps is the end it appears of La Nina and a return to a neutral or mild El Nino this coming Fall/Winter which could help fuel more storms and more swells to grace our coast. Now if we can just get some systems diving into the Great Basin to give us north to northeast flow at the surface we can scour out this fog and get down to some long overdue business.  You feel me?  Until then, the weekend wind forecast looks light for the mornings with south to west winds so the AM sessions might be the best call to take advantage of lighter flow.  Cya in the water.

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