Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Updated Forecast

Winds have calmed down a bit this morning after yesterday afternoon's complete blow out.  Windswell in the water, the 8 second variety.  Sun is out, not too much fog.  Watching a couple features today. First, what hopes to be a decent size south swell event for us this weekend is in the water and moving north.  Expect swell arrival on Friday with long period (19-20 sec) forerunners increasing later in the day.  Swell should peak on Saturday, period drops to 18 sec and size should fill in.  Period will drop to 15-16 sec on Sunday.  At the same time, we might have some background south swell from Tropical Storm Ileana which is moving north under Cabo San Lucas.  This swell will be lost under the larger south.  By Thursday and into Friday, windswell will increase to 4-6 ft, this, along with the continued northwest winds in the outer waters could certainly impact the incoming southerly swell trains and degrade size.  Just have to see when the swell enters our waters.  The northwest winds are suppose to drop some by Saturday (5-15kts) - so that might help.  Typhoon Bolaven, off North Korea is forecast to re curve off the North Pacific late in the week over the weekend, might bring some minimal swell for the Pacific Northwest early next week.  That is if it all behaves as forecast.  I do not think we'll see much swell from this storm.  Cya in the water.

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