Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Forecast Through New Years....RIP Sean Collins

Sad to hear that Surfline founder Sean Collins passed away this week at 59.  Despite what many have said about his website, as well as forecast sites, the fact remains he was an amazing resource for weather and surf information and revolutionized surf forecasting.  He will be missed for sure.  The thing about surf forecasting, you can provide all the info you want to the masses - it still requires a brain, local knowledge and the ability to interpret information on the part of each individual surfer to "know when to go."  Even on our crowded coast, there are plenty of spots that will always remain uncrowded for that reason.

For us, large back to back northwest swells will continue through the weekend - getting extra large again by late Friday into Saturday (double/triple overhead).  Zonal flow is sending rain into the Pac NW, but we're on the wrong side of the jet stream and look to stay dry through the period.  In fact we're not forecast to have any rain near our region now through about Jan 10.  This is not good at all for Cali, with 38mil plus people and high water needs - we need snow and rains.  December will go down as the 3rd driest on record in San Francisco (going back 160 plus years) - so the situation is not a good one.  Many spots that need rain to turn on - are quietly  sleeping - yet we've had epic day after day at other locations.  It's a mixed bag.  Winds look pretty good through the weekend - especially for AM sessions.  Tides will mellow out some as well.  Plenty of size.  Happy New Year and cya in the water.

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