Wednesday, August 3, 2011


August is a transition month for us on the Central/Northern CA Coast.  The N Pac begins to wake up (as it is now with typhoons curving east and headed into the northern latitudes).  By mid month and beyond those of us living in the coastal valleys and hills start to see trees getting some early Fall color, nights and mornings cooler - all positive signs of the change to come.  As for the week ahead - Typhoon MUIFA should send a long period pulse of WNW (285-300) for around Aug 7-14.  May see a few plus sets at north facing breaks.  CAT 2 Hurricane Eugene was 580 miles south of Baja - and if he is to send any swell our way - it would come in around the 8-9th of Aug.  Probably more of a So Cal event.  Background pulses of small SW swell will go through the middle of the month with a lot of storm activity around New Zealand.  I think the best run of SW swell will be around Aug 11-17 - so i'll update on that later.  Winds are still an issue - as a trough of low pressure continues to stay offshore - keeping the onshore push going.  No real relief in sight at the beaches this week.  Best bet is to check early and you might find something rideable.  September 1 is gonna be here before we know it.  Until then - enjoy August, look around, notice the subtle changes and i'll cya you in the water.

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