Thursday, May 19, 2011

South Swell Update

Probably dont have to tell you there is a big south swell hitting most of CA tonight - plenty of frothing surfers running about.  Spots to our south like Santa Cruz and Malibu are macking.  But like so many (hyped) long period/very southerly swells - up here on the north/central coast it can be a very shifty event.  Because the angle is so steep - 175-180 degrees, some places may be missing the energy completely, or just getting sideband wrap.  Pretty impressive deep water buoy readings as well - 8-10 ft at 17-20 seconds is a big south swell.  Look for this swell to continue through the weekend - and we have a mix of northwest windswell with decent size too.  Conditions aren't that clean - with fog and west/northwest winds - best bet will be protected spots.  Plenty of swell if you know how to look.  cya in the water. 

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