Monday, March 5, 2018


March.   Traditional end of our winter season and the beginning of northwest winds and cold water.   Well we've had the cold water for 2-3 weeks now - winds actually not that bad right now and the forecast for this week isn't the worst i've seen for the start to March.   We have another storm system out in the Pacific which is due to come ashore Wednesday through Friday (earlier far north).   High pressure is getting pumped up today and tomorrow in advance of that front with northeast to east winds forecast due to the direction of wind flow.   By Tuesday night - south winds will ramp up and will remain strong through Wednesday, easing some Thursday (but still southwest) and then light west by Friday.   Swell looks to remain fairly mid size through the week - 4-6ft 12-15 second periods.    Pattern looks to remain active as go through Mid March - so perhaps we will see some decent swells and variable wind.   Cya in the water.

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