Friday, January 29, 2016

Sleds for Sale

Parting ways with a few boards to make room for some others:

(2) Firewire Daniel Thomson Vanguards.  Both 6.2 stock dims.  both have deck pads.  $275 each.  

(1) Daniel Thomson Vader.  6.1 stock dims.  Deck pad.  $400.00

(1) Channel Islands Black Beauty - custom with no black band.  6.6 by 20 1/2 by 2 3/4 with 5 future fins, no dings, deckpad, leash, fins.  Like new.  $475

The Vanguards are in Marin.  If any of my readers are on the North Coast above Sea Ranch this weekend  - i'm in Gualala and the Vader and CI Black Beauty are with me.  email me at if you're interested in any of these boards.  

As for the updated forecast - it's big and stormy!  Swell will begin to subside over the weekend to more mortal heights - keep an eye on the winds and you might be able to get a session or two in.  

Cya in the water.  

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Updated Forecast/1-26

El Nino is taking a brief break leaving us with east winds this morning and probably tomorrow as well.  Fun swell in the water today - 5ft @10 seconds from 295.  That will increase late today as a new swell is already showing in our far northern waters at 6-8ft at 17-19 seconds seconds.  Solid swell tomorrow at 8-10 ft at 16 seconds.  Weather wise - that's all we get - then it's back to rain and southwest winds Thursday late thru the weekend - heaviest wind and rain north of Marin.  A much larger swell train hits Thursday and Friday - deep water heights back up in the 12-15ft range.  Get it the next two days.  Cya in the water.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Updated Forecast - More of the same

New storm system came ashore with one more on it's heels tonight into Saturday.  Swell is back up - 14ft at 15-17 seconds from 280 - big west swell.  Winds are south at 20kts plus.  Look for this large swell to persist through Saturday - then begin to subside Sunday & Monday.  Winds look like crap for Saturday sessions - west 15-25kts - a few nooks and crannies might be sort of rideable.  NW winds on Sunday, but light - might make things a go for the AM sessions.  Smaller surf to continue into next week with potential offshore/northeast winds forecast by about Tuesday as high pressure builds in and gives us a few days of dry weather and a break from the rain.  Won't last long - weather models suggest the ridge will break down and rain will return by about Thursday of next week.

On a personal note - very sad to hear about Marin Local Dan Dafoe who went missing this past Wednesday in the water off Fort Cronkhite.  I did not know Dan personally, but remember seeing him in the water over the years.  Prayers to his family, friends and all the surfers that knew him.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

No break in the weather or swell ahead.....

Storm systems are lined up all the way across the Pacific to Japan.  Look for rain to continue through next week - on and off - a day or two between storms.  As such - winds will fluctuate between south as the systems come ashore switching to the southwest/west/northwest as fronts pass.  Rain and mountain snow to keep going.  Large swell events to continue on and off - with the next bigger swell event slated for this weekend - with deepwater heights going back into the 14-18ft range far north - a bit smaller Bay Area Saturday/Sunday.  Check your winds - protected spots will be best - in fact Santa Barbara is probably your best option this year - most of the swell and not as much weather.  Cya in the water.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

El Nino Rules

As forecast months ago and fully expected - January arrived and El Nino is in full control of our weather and swell.  Pacific storms continue to line up across the Pacific - all the way back to Japan fueled by an ocean/atmospheric connection that in many ways has now even eclipsed the 1997 El Nino in terms of strength.  Remains to be seen if we see the same copius amounts of rainfall we had with the 97' event - but if we stay at our current pace no reason that won't happen.  Deep water heights running around 16-20ft today at 15+ seconds.  Heights will dip for the weekend - back into the 8-12ft range mostly - but still large.  Swell looks to run back up starting next week.  Winds are going to be north/northwest/some east (fairly light) the next few days - so spots sheltered from the wind, and can shape the swell will be best.  South to southeast winds will return late in the weekend as another storm system takes aim on the West Coast.  That system will be more organized - until then on and off chances of rain with weaker impulses moving through the flow towards the West Coast.  Cya in the water.