Saturday, May 18, 2013

Updated Weekend Forecast, first good south swell of the season moving north

This morning north/northwest winds are blowing outer waters - still seeing mainly windswell, however Santa Cruz is starting to see long period forerunners of the much hyped about south swell that hit Tahiti early in the week and then Hawaii.  We wont see as much size naturally this far north, however should be a decent run of swell coming for the next week or so.  Swell will filter in slowly today and tonight and be more on the rise Sunday.  By Monday/Tuesday - the first pulse of this swell will peak and then we will see reinforcing shots through the end of the week.  Look for deepwater swell to range 3-5ft with periods 17-19 seconds.   Winds are going to shift northerly tonight and Sunday, then possibly a bit offshore on Monday.  Thereafter probably see a return to onshore winds/northwest winds as a strong low pressure system drops down from BC and pushes the fog and low clouds back in. So get some the next couple days for sure.  Cya in the water.

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