Thursday, March 21, 2013

Welcome to Spring

NW winds are gusting to 23kt over outer waters, water temp is 49 and falling.  Very short period windswell is in the water at 6-9 ft at 6-8 seconds from 255 plus.  It's actually a combination of west windswell from yesterday's storm and north windswell from the strong winds.  A larger west swell will move in later today - buoys north are showing 10 ft at 12 seconds - so that may give us something to ride later at breaks protected from the winds.  Winds will increase further overnight and be strong on Friday.  West swell will continue Friday and then fade over the weekend - leaving us with small surf and generally junk conditions at anything facing west or north.  You might find something to ride at protected spots, but they will be on the small side.  Dark days my friends.   Desperation surfs become the norm, a good attitude can make 5 second windswell look fun and it's time to reconnect with friends,  family and your boss and get back to work.  Hang in there, Fall is only six months away.  Cya in the water.

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