Sunday, March 17, 2013

Updated Forecast

Sorry for the late update - was in Texas the past few days (no surf in Texas to speak of).  Around here, northwest winds are blowing hard tonight and we have short period windswell making a mess of things.  Storm system to our west will arrive Tuesday night and linger until Thursday bringing much needed rain to the region.  Winds will be northwest/west Monday and Tuesday, turing south Tuesday night into Wednesday, back to northwest for the remainder of the week.  Small west swell with background southwest swell most of the week - then swell will increase from the west Thursday/Friday as the inbound storm will whip up shorter period swell for the region.  Probably good for head high and bigger at west/northwest facing breaks on Thursday and Friday.  All n' all, a good week to probably get some work done, however if you know where to look and how spots respond to different wind directions you might find something to ride.  Glad to be back in Cali - cya in the water.

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