Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekend Forecast

New NW swell has been showing at Papa Buoy for a number of hours now - 10-14 ft with periods 12-15 seconds.  Note, the Calif Buoy still needs to be redeployed, so we don't get another reading on incoming swell trains until they hit our far northern buoys.  Given size at Papa - still think we'll see deepwater heights of 6-8 ft around here - maybe a touch bigger to our north.  Weather boys are forecasting a good heat wave with light to offshore winds over the next few days - but i'm not sure i am buying the warm up all the way to the coast to get rid of this fog.  I can't remember a September so foggy - but that's what we have been dealt.  Sunday and Monday look the warmest, and the best chance  of less fog.  However, winds look to stay fairly light through the period - especially for AM sessions.  We have a nice southwest swell in the water most of the weekend too.  So, plenty of swell, check the winds and i'm sure you'll find something to ride.  cya in the water.

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