Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hit and miss south

Ventured up to a spot today I thought would harness some of this south.  No luck.   A couple pulses showed promise, but otherwise, whole lot of effort for little return.  It's a sneaky, elusive south swell, and like I said before, missing most of the Nor Cal Coast from the looks of it.  Winds are up some, but actually not horrible for the time of day.  I'd say check it early on Sunday, keep an eye on the winds, maybe some left over windswell dribble at a north facing break.  It's all we have for the next few days.  I am watching another weather system in the Gulf of Alaska this afternoon as it is dropping south, but feel the wind field and the trajectory will not be much of a swell maker for us.  More on that in the next day.  cya in the water.

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